As Colby & Cate’s Charities expanded it’s vision and mission, we had a simple thought.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if many of the young, brave children we provide services to didn’t require them?   
The answer was a resounding YES!

We’re not naive. There will always be a need for our services. 
But wouldn’t it be AMAZING if fewer children were in need of us? Again, YES! 

We did a little research of our own and, no matter the source, we continued to see that an average of only 4% (FOUR PERCENT) of the federal budget allocated for cancer research is dedicated to researching a cure for childhood cancers. That’s just not enough!

Especially when, each year, more than 15,000 kids and young adults are diagnosed with cancer—that’s about 42 per day.

Though the 5-year-survival rate for childhood cancers has reached 80 percent, nearly 2,000 kids under age 19 die each year, making cancer the leading killer of children by disease.

And that’s just in the United States. In 2016, over 300,000 kids and young adults were diagnosed worldwide.

Childhood cancer is still a big problem because:

  • Children’s cancer can’t be treated exactly like adult cancers (where most of federal research funding goes.) Current treatments are toxic, affect a child’s development and can be decades old. To treat childhood cancer in the best way possible, we need to create specialized treatments just for kids.
  • The causes of childhood cancer are largely unknown. We need to study what causes childhood cancer to understand what treatments work best.
  • Many childhood cancer survivors in the U.S. suffer from lifelong damage to their organs, mental health and more. We need to understand how treatments affect kids long-term so we can prevent late effects

So, Colby & Cate’s Charities decided to “Make Ordinary Extraordinary” once again.   

Colby & Cate’s Charities has chosen The Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment at Riley Hospital for Children as the primary recipient of  funding for pediatric research derived from our programs.

With over $130,000 donated to pediatric cancer research through November 2017 AND an average multiplier of 8 (eight) in matching grants, the impact our donations to research have had is over $1,040,000!


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