Group photo at Taylor Swift concertColby & Cate’s Charities is committed to providing memorable experiences to patients to help them feel like the kids they were before their diagnosis or injury. 
For many patients and/or their family, going to a concert, a ball game,  out of town for a few days, or even the zoo, is simply a thing of the past due to overwhelming medical bills and sadly, in some cases, financial ruin – resulting from the chronic or critical illness or critical injury.

This is where Colby & Cate’s Charities comes in.   Our goal is not to replace the national or local wish granting organizations – both of which are fantastic.  In fact, we fund at least one wish through a local wish granting partner annually.  Our goal is to compliment them. 

Some of our kids are “Wish kids”.  While many more, (Lord willing) don’t qualify for a traditional “Wish”.    
Unlike a traditional “Wish”, we provide an opportunity for them to experience something out of the ordinary with others who often share similar experiences.  We’ve learned that while in the hospitals for stays and/or treatments, often the families do not really have an opportunity to get to know others going through the same thing.    So, in addition to providing fun and in many cases, a simple, desperately needed break, our experiences provide the added value of networking, bonding and new friendships with kids and families sharing the same experiences. 

Just a few of the experiences we have provided:

Justin Bieber Suite at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Taylor Swift Legends Club at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Indiana Fever Night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

St. Louis Experience

Bruno Mars Suite at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Ed Sheeran at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Aspen Winter Games (March 2018)

Or, if you’d prefer to help Colby & Cate’s Charities fund any future local or other experiences outside of the Aspen WInter Games, please consider clicking on the button below.  Thank you for your consideration!

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